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Ryan Colby

Rocky Mountain Sports Counseling Center 

Sports Counselor 


As a sports counselor and former athlete, I specialize in working with athletes as they work through issues related to sport and how they are connected to the hardships of life. You might be facing the unique trials of an Olympian or professional athlete, balancing life as a collegiate or high school student athlete, or navigating the difficulties of youth sport. I’m here to help process your story while working with you through the many challenges that life and athletics has in store. 

Whether you are facing a mental health concern, could use some extra support, or seek meaningful growth, I want to be a part of helping you strive towards pursuing mental/emotional health and well-being, achieving your goals, and overcoming tough circumstances both on and off the field. Adversity in sport can impact every area of daily functioning just as adversity in life can seriously impact the ability to perform well in sport. I would be honored to walk with you through these challenges. 

Arianne Heaton

Rocky Mountain Sports Counseling Center 

Sports Counselor 


Once an athlete, always an athlete. That hardwiring doesn’t go away. But there is a dreary side to being an elite athlete that coaches, teammates, and fans don’t talk about: What’s next? Athletes at their very core are highly motivated, determined, and disciplined individuals; they have grit. It is a culture that emphasizes being mentally tough or fighting through the pain.
Born and raised in Denver, Colorado and a former Division I college athlete myself, I find myself particularly enthusiastic about the field of sports counseling and mental health treatment for athletes and athletic organizations, especially in regards to grief, anxiety, depression, identity development, eating disorders, and career counseling.
Athletes understand resilience; it is part of what allowed them to get where they are today. But a single injury, being cut from a roster, or retirement can leave an athlete to pick up the pieces. It is with this competitive spirit and support I believe the world deserves the very best version of you, and I want to help you get there.

Sam Davis

Rocky Mountain Sports Counseling Center 


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Following my experiences as an athlete, I sought to learn what makes athletes unique and to support athletes in their efforts to excel in sport and life. While we spend most of our time training for the physical aspects of sport, mental health is so often the key that allows us to unlock our potential. Whether navigating sports at the youth or professional level, it is my goal to support each athlete through the unique stressors they may face in sport and life. 


Your goals may be to experience growth or address sport-specific stress, general anxiety and/or mood, or other mental health concerns. I strive to provide services, supported by research, to address the mental health goals of each athlete. Together, we can navigate mental health concerns so that you can thrive in and out of competition.